Get To Know Your Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hi! I’m Chris Sharkey, Shark, Shark Man, Shark Tank, Shark Bait Ou Ah Ha or as my mother still calls me Chrissy…. and only Christopher if I am in trouble, let’s hope we don’t have to hear the last 2 often.

I am a fitness and sport enthusiast. I first fell in love with fitness at my first fitness test with the Saskatoon Blades in 2007 after being drafted to the WHL. I guess you could say I was out of shape!? However, years later I realized I was just not educated. After an eye opening fitness test, I came back to Edmonton and hired a strength coach, Tiana Moe, and began working out at Athletica in Edmonton. Tiana ignited my passion for fitness. I learned how to train properly and the reasons behind the exercise selection and programming. My competitive edge soon took over, I understood that if I master the fundamentals I could advance to more intricate and challenging movements. It became an internal competition to get more done each session and as a natural response, my body and mind developed safely and effectively.

Many years later towards the end of my hockey career, I found myself wondering what I would like to be when I grew up, a question we all are faced with. The NHL dream wasn’t going to pan out so I needed to adapt and persevere. While pondering this, I thought about the 2 constants in my life, hockey and working out. I decided to blend these two passions together. I would become a personal trainer and be able to help youth athletes today. In 2013 I became certified and started my career. Since then I have worked with the general population, weight loss, bodybuilding, senior population and athletes of all ages.

In 2015 I started my own company and brand, Shark Bodies Fitness. I am so fortunate to wake up each day to train clients and athletes. Without them I would not be where I am today, Thank you!

The next chapter of my journey is just beginning. Shark Bodies Fitness has now joined forces with Acumen Sport and Shoulder Clinic and I am excited to bring you all along on my journey. This opportunity grew into something I believe is bigger than just the fitness aspect. Collaborating with professionals under the sports medicine umbrella will only help me help others.


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