Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Total Joint Replacement at Acumen Part 2

FAQ’s regarding Private Total Joint Replacement – Part 2

What does recovery look like, and what is the typical time frame for recovery?

    • Recovery timelines vary, but generally, patients can expect several weeks (6-12) of physical therapy and gradual return to normal activities. For specific details, refer to the Total Joint Replacement Blog on our website.
      Total Joint Replacement and Recovery Blog

How soon after my first surgery can I get my second joint done?

  • The timing for a second surgery depends on the nature of the first surgery and individual recovery. In general, a second procedure could be planned 3-6 months following the first.

Can I get a discount if I do 2 surgeries with Acumen?

  • Unfortunately we are unable to discount surgeries based on surgical Operating Room time and staff. 

How soon after surgery could I fly?

  • It is safe to fly a few days after surgery. We encourage movement on longer travel days to reduce the risk of a blood clot. It can be uncomfortable flying or long car rides after surgery due to swelling and stiffness which can create pain. 

How many nights would I be required to stay after surgery?

  • The length of the hospital stay varies, but typically patients stay for a day to monitor initial recovery, manage pain, and work on independent walking, stairs and getting from a sit to stand position.

What is the pain medication protocol/how do we manage patient pain?

  • Our pain management protocol is tailored to individual needs and may include a combination of medications, physical therapy, cooling unit (ice) and other interventions to ensure optimal comfort during recovery.

How long will my new joint last?

  • The longevity of the joint replacement varies, but modern implants can last 15-20 years or more with proper care and activity modifications.

Is there anything I should do to prepare my joint before I book a replacement?

  • Stay active, perform recommended exercises, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Am I too young for a replacement?

  • Age is just one factor considered. If joint pain significantly affects your quality of life and other treatments have been ineffective, joint replacement may be considered regardless of age.

What is the new joint made of/what type of implant is used?

  • Our surgeons use high-quality implants made of materials like metal, plastic, and ceramic, designed for durability and compatibility with the body.

Does Alberta Health cover any portion of my replacement?

  • Unfortunately no. We are a completely private clinic.

How long should I plan for someone to be helping me?

  • Assistance is recommended, especially in the first three days post-surgery. Patients generally become more self-sufficient after 1-3 weeks.

How long does the procedure take?

  • The duration of the procedure depends on the type of joint replacement. Both partial and total knee replacements typically take a similar amount of surgical time. The surgery takes 1-2 hours. 

How soon will I be able to get around?

  • Patients usually start walking within hours after surgery and progressively become more mobile in the following weeks.

What if something goes wrong? Can I still go to my doctor or who will be taking care of me in urgent cases?

  • Our patients have the surgeon’s contact information. In case of any issues, contact your surgeon or seek urgent medical attention. Acumen is dedicated to providing continuous care and support. Many patients have great support from their Family Doctor as well. 

Do I have to come in to get my stitches removed?

  • Our surgeons use internal sutures and medical glue, eliminating the need for external stitches. There is no requirement to come in for stitch removal.

What method of replacement does your surgeon do?

  • Our surgeons use the direct lateral approach for hips, which has shown comparable outcomes to other methods. The choice is based on individual patient needs and surgeon expertise. Refer to blog on Anterior versus Direct hip approach

Can I claim this as a medical expense on my taxes?

  • Consult with a tax professional to determine eligibility for claiming the procedure as a medical expense on your taxes based on local tax regulations. In some cases, yes. You may need the surgery invoice and a letter from our office.