Golfer’s Elbow

How to manage it? How to avoid it?

Many people have heard of “golfer’s elbow” (which is also referred to as medial epicondylitis or pitcher’s elbow) and it can affect many people’s activities of daily living, work, and hobbies.

Golfer’s elbow is tendinopathy (change in the tendon tissue) caused by overuse or overload and affects the medial (inside of the elbow) common flexor tendon of the elbow. In golfers, it is thought to occur from the top of the backswing to just before ball impact (Kiel,2022).



  • Usually presents itself insidiously, meaning it gradually comes on and gets worse and worse

  • Tender to touch and poke at

  • Ache/Pain at the inside of the elbow that can radiate down the arm

  • Increased pain with using the wrist, forearm, and with activity

How can Acumen help?

If you think you are being limited by Golfers elbow or elbow pain, Physical therapy is the primary management modality (Hoogvliet, et al). The goal is full elbow movement that is not painful at the wrist and elbow and maybe helps add more yards to your drive. Exercise therapy is also important to help reestablish healthy tendons in a controlled and managed way. We use strength exercises and focus on eccentric activity.

Multiple modalities may provide relief such as dry needling, soft tissue, manipulation techniques, and Blood Flow Restriction to allow more vigorous strengthening and stretching, resulting in better and faster recovery from the symptoms of medial epicondylitis (Kiel, 2022).

Below are a few elbow exercises that we like to incorporate along with hands-on therapy to help decrease symptoms and eventually increase strength!

Each person is different so treatment, repetitions, sets, and load/resistance we apply may range.

Dowel Straight Arm Wrist Flexion 


Dowel Straight Arm Banded Wrist Extension 


Dowel Behind Back Banded Wrist Flexion 


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