I came to Chris for his professional and caring approach. Chris was always ready to go for our daily 6AM training; without fail he showed up on time and prepared. His knowledge of identifying physical issues and providing adaptations or additional exercises to keep me going in a healthy way was extremely helpful in moving my goals forward. I found that Chris takes a holistic approach, showing interest in all aspects of my life, such as nutrition, life stresses, and what’s happening on the weekend! With Chris, I’ve become more knowledgeable about my body and the impact of training, I’ve become more confident and independent in my training, and I have developed a realistic path for my goals.

CJ de Jong, Edmonton, AB

Rodeo is a very hard sport to train for, in that its rare to have a whole week off without competing as well as difficult to build training/taper blocks of time leading up to events. LeeAnne has worked with me to create In-season programs that I can fit in when I have two or three days off without riding or whatever the situation may be. This allows me to maintain, and even gain, during riding weeks. When I look back on the past 6 months, I believe this training has transitioned me into riding the best I ever have. I feel stronger, faster and lighter, which is the name of the game in Bareback riding.

Bareback riding is an inherently dangerous and rough sport; it’s a short career and can definitely take its toll on the body. Since making the change to a phased training program, I actually feel better than I did when I was 18 and just starting to ride! My mentality has shifted to a “work hard but smart” thought process and I listen to my body both in the arena and in the gym.

My sport has evolved a lot in the last ten years and especially in the last 5. It used to be a purely grit and talent sport and that was it. Now, everyone is involving some kind of workout routine into their training. With that said, I think a sport specific phased program is the best way to train. I know what it has done for me and my career, and I can easily say it is the best investment I have ever made.

Richmond Champion, Edmonton, AB

During his first year of U15 club hockey my son was introduced to Chris as the leader of their team dryland training program. Although the sessions were outside a formal gym and with limited equipment, the team was able to show improvements in their fitness and work ethic on the ice. Through these sessions my son always said that Chris challenged him to a point where he wanted to return rather than dreading the next session. After the following season my son wanted to continue with training in the off season and Chris was his first choice and we continued to connect for training virtually throughout the pandemic lockdown . Beyond being able to provide the sport specific training, Chris strives to build a rapport and relationship with his athletes. My son always said he feels like Chris is his brother and teammate. Training with Chris gave the benefit of fitness and an additional year round coach in my son’s “camp”. The off-ice training is an education an athlete needs to have and Chris and the Acumen Performance team have delivered that.

Shaun Serediak on behalf of Stefan Serediak, U18 AAA Canadian Athletic Club

I began working with the team at Acumen Performance in November 2020 shortly after surgery to repair an adductor and abdominal injury sustained competing in a professional rodeo event. The standard of care I have received throughout the rehabilitation and reconditioning processes have been second to none. Mike, LeeAnne, and the entire team have not only helped me to recover from injury, but return to competition even better than I was before. Their scientific approach, attention to detail, and desire to learn about my sport have made all the difference in helping me to improve and become a better athlete. The systematic methodology of training practiced at this facility has played an integral role in my rehabilitation and the overall improvement of my competitive performance. The one-on-one training combined with the programming specifically tailored to my own physiological needs have truly been an irreplaceable asset as a professional athlete. From the outset, every member of the Acumen Performance family has taken incredible care of me and have made me feel part of the team. I look forward to continued growth and improvement with them in the future.

Kody Lamb, Professional Bareback Rider, 2X Canadian Finals Rodeo Qualifier, 2014 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rookie of the Year

Last year, at 62, I had my shoulder repaired by Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz from Acumen Sports and Shoulder Clinic. I knew that the rehab would be slow and painful but it was important for me to return to the activities I love such as golfing, swimming and gardening. Over several months I was treated at the Clinic by Athletic Therapist Whitney Dikoume and Strength & Conditioning Specialist Dustin Oranchuk, both thoughtful, personable and knowledgeable. Dustin crafted a golf-focussed strength program that I could access twice a week on an app on my phone called PUSH. Push I did. It was easy to use at home and personalized to me. Now I can swing the club without pain. Thank you all!!

Cathy Lane Goodfellow

Par 5, 517 yards, on in two? No problem. Before seeing Mike, this would be a pretty rare feet for me to accomplish. After working with Mike on activating my hips, transferring my weight and getting better mobility, my golf game has dramatically changed! My drive has increased by 30-40 yards on average. My 8 iron now outperforms what my 7 iron could do in my 20's. Mike created a program for me that not only helps me get more distance & accuracy but because I'm activating my body in better ways now, I feel like I won't get that dreaded late-season injury that I've felt so accustomed to getting in years past. Can't wait to see how Mike and the Team at Acumen can continue to help improve my athletic performance.

Matt Ayres