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Acumen Performance adheres to the Sports Medicine Model of care. Strength and Conditioning coaches of Acumen integrates with Athletic Therapists and the Orthopedic Surgeon to provide essential and extended care for each individual.

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Meet the Team

Chris Sharkey

Performance Enhancement Specialist and Conditioning Coach, Performance Manager chris@acumenclinic.com acumenstrengthandperformance.com

Chris comes to the Acumen Reconditioning team with enthusiasm, keenness, knowledge and experience. As an athlete, Chris experienced the benefit and rewards provided by a personal trainer/coach himself. Chris played competitive hockey and worked his way throughout his career at the AAA, JR.A, and WHL levels. He understands the steps needed during this important journey to get to the “next level” and ensures maintenance of high-level performance.


Michael Kicia

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) michael@acumenclinic.com acumensportandperformance.com

Mike has spent his 11 year career as a strength and conditioning coach working with one of the most recognizable organizations in North America, the New York Yankees. Here, Mike spent 7 years working within the Yankees Player Development System coordinating everything from rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries, strength and power development, speed and agility development with players in both the Major and Minor Leagues. He also assisted in implementation of numerous strength and conditioning camps and had the opportunity to work 8 Major League Spring Trainings while with the Yankees.


Dustin Oranchuk

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) dustin@acumenclinic.com acumenscienceandstrength.com

Dustin Oranchuk brings 13 years of excellent experience. His most recent, completing a stint abroad in New Zealand and Australia earning a PhD in Sports Science, with a focus on neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training. 

Dustin Oranchuk has a deep background as a strength and conditioning specialist, and as a researcher in several areas of exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports science. Dustin has worked with teams in the private sector, Canadian Olympic, NCAA, and U-Sports systems. He has also published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and presented at several national and international conferences.


Nicole Johnston

Kinesiologist / Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) nicole@acumenclinic.com

Meet Nicole! Nicole grew up living a very active lifestyle, whether that was hiking and enjoying the outdoors or playing sports. She was involved in competitive sports from a young age and saw how much of an impact proper exercise, training and rehabilitation for injuries could have on her game and quality of life. This is where her passion for the study of the human body started. Nicole is highly intrigued on how the body moves, how it operates and functions, and how in turn, to properly train these muscles and movements.

Nicole grew up in Sherwood Park and carried on to University of Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology. She has spent the past years working in health and wellness and is also the Athletic Trainer for minor hockey. In the hockey setting she focuses more on reducing the risk of injury, communication with Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists and carrying on proper integration of exercise and rehabilitation for athletes. Nicole has found a special interest in concussion management in sports and playing an integral role in athletes return to play progression. She also loves working on mobility for athletes. This means assisting those in need with their ability to move actively through range of motion.  Nicole accomplishes this by identifying imbalances, correcting and educating limitations and supplying proper exercises for improvement to affect one’s activities of daily living and performance. 


Mary Pless

Patient Care Coordinator, Performance & Reconditioning Account Coordinator, Performance Coach mary@acumenclinic.com

Meet Mary! Mary has joined the Acumen Team as our Patient Care Coordinator but you will also find her in the gym as a Performance Coach. Growing up in Edmonton Alberta, Mary has always been involved in sport. She found a love for volleyball, basketball and track in her youth, but decided to shift her focus to volleyball in high school. She then committed to the University of Alberta as part of the Pandas Volleyball Team in 2015, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She understands the importance of coordinating with team members and forming meaningful connections with those around her. In her role as the Patient Care Coordinator for Acumen Reconditioning and Acumen Performance, Mary works to connect new and current clients with our team to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.


When making an appointment with our Performance Specialist you can expect:

  • Clear guidelines and expectations.
  • Constant Communication.
  • Evaluation and Assessment.
  • Proper education on training and performance.

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