What is Acumen Clinic

Welcome to Acumen Sports and Shoulder Clinic!

We are a private orthopaedic clinic led by surgeon, Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, and his team. Our clinic was created to transform the patient experience by providing a comprehensive approach to care.  Dr. Slade Shantz opted out of Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan in order to build a practice that offered flexibility in appointments, clear and comprehensive communication as well as access to timely surgical care for patients.


At Acumen Clinic, we are a team of professionals committed to setting the standard for a positive, patient-centered experience. Our Patient Care Coordinators are the backbone of our practice providing prompt and thorough communication, giving patients the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and schedule appointments that fit their schedule.


Patients are booked for a one-hour consultation appointment with our surgeon. We feel this is the appropriate time for patients to experience a detailed history, assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan without feeling rushed. Spending time with patients also allows Dr. Slade Shantz to get to know the person so he can customize care plans for unique needs.


We believe shared decision making is key to patient success. Dr. Slade Shantz works with each patient to ensure they understand their diagnosis and the medical evidence regarding options they have to help improve their orthopaedic condition. Communication is important and patients can expect that their values, goals and concerns including treatment burdens will be addressed. We give patients the knowledge and information necessary to help with making decisions that fit their lifestyle.


Acumen Clinic partners with primary care providers, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals to ensure a complete circle of care and smooth transition to recovery. Our “patient first” approach and complete care plan reinforced through our partners relationships is what sets Acumen Clinic apart.