3 Reasons for an Orthopedic Evaluation

Musculoskeletal injuries happen and people are often unsure where to go given the wait times to see someone experienced in orthopedic injuries. Orthopedic Specialists are able to evaluate injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. The Athletic Therapists at Acumen work hand in hand with Orthopedic Surgeons and are confident in evaluating and managing musculoskeletal injuries such as knee injuries, shoulder strains, ankle sprains, low back pain, osteoarthritis and more.

1. Early diagnosis of injury

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a proper diagnosis. General Practitioners/Family Doctors are not specialists in the orthopedic world and try their best to align appropriate care, but sometimes this can lead down long paths or improper imaging. An example being,  an Ultrasound is usually not helpful for a knee injury, or some shoulder injuries require specific x-rays and not your “standard” views). It is important to get an orthopedic specific assessment that leads to the proper diagnosis. Sometimes further investigations are needed and we are sure to make recommendations and options best suited for each person.

Athletic Therapy

2. Setting up a treatment plan

Getting a correct and early diagnosis helps formulate a focused plan of care and plan of action. Some people need immediate treatment and others need guidance in how to incorporate more movement and specific exercise into their day. ometimes there is a  need for x-rays or an MRI for further diagnosis that also assists and leads their care plan. After each stage it is important to find answers that guide care and to be sure people are making progress and improvements. If  a treatment plan has plateaued  we are also here to guide you through to other referrals if needed.

3. Experts and specialists in our field

For most cases, our orthopedic specialists at Acumen can help individuals with injuries and pain with conservative management. Conservative management is care that does not involve a surgical intervention.There are many effective ways to help individuals manage their condition and if there is something in question we are sure to follow up and follow through with each person to be sure their expectations are met. It’s never a bad idea, even if for a second opinion, to seek a specialist for a condition you might be going through. It is likely that we have seen it before and know how to manage it because we have extensive experience in the orthopedic field and many resources within our team.

For any pain or symptom affecting your bones, joints or muscles, our athletic therapists have the training, experience and knowledge to make an accurate diagnosis and find the treatment and care plan that’s right for you.