We are booking hour-long appointments on the phone or with an online platform of the patient’s choice (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime).  It gives the time necessary to listen to the story of your injury or problem.  Although in-person consultations have some advantages, a virtual consultation can get the ball rolling on simple treatments.   Please be warned that firm diagnoses need to be made with a future in-person evaluation, but our team can also provide safe exercises and stretches to perform at home (we always include an athletic therapy session in all consultations). A large part of the telemedicine visit will be describing all the options for treatment.  I feel that an informed patient is the best to make choices about their health.

So far we have developed our virtual care offerings into:

  • Telemedicine orthopedic consultations – one hour booked to discuss possible diagnoses and formulate treatment plans for shoulder, elbow and knee issues.
  • TeleRehabilitation Sessions – existing and new patients are starting their healing journey at home under the watchful eye of LeeAnne and Cayla, the Acumen Reconditioning athletic therapy team.
  • Telemedicine Follow-up – We are taking the opportunity to follow up with former patients to make sure they are still moving forward on their journey to their health goals.
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions – Our specialized Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Chris and Mike, offer a complete training session in the comfort of your home with equipment at hand to ensure you are reaching your goals.


At Acumen Clinic we have access to NetCare for Alberta patients.  Many of our out-of-province patients send in discs of previous imaging that I review.  With Skype there is an ability to screen-share so I can go over the imaging.  For patients that do not have imaging I can suggest the best approach to getting the right diagnosis with advanced imaging, if necessary.


If Surgery is needed, we are partnered with many surgical centres to offer you the best care in the best timeline possible.


Call us to set up an appointment and start your healing journey now.  Even though we can’t sit in the same room you will still feel our circle of care join you as you start your path to recovery.

How to prepare for your Telemedicine consultation:

  • Ensure you have a laptop, tablet or cellphone that you can use for the videoconference

  • Let the Acumen Clinic Team which application you would like to use (we do phone consultation too.)
  • Being closer to a router often provides a better internet reception during the consultaiton

The benefits of Telehealth

  • Increased patient access: by allowing patients to access speciality care when they need it

  • Save on travel/expenses: by making it possible for patients and providers to connect without long-distance travel, saving on time and expenses.

  • Save on time: No long waiting periods or long travelling distances. An appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon can be given within a couple of weeks.