PRP in Orthopaedics – Is this treatment an option for you?!

Many Acumen Clinic patients are interested in Biologic treatments for orthopedic conditions such as knee arthritis, rotator cuff pain and tennis elbow. At Acumen Clinic we balance the enthusiasm for new treatment options (and old ones) and the evidence that supports them.  

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP is one such treatment that has brought new hope to some orthopedic conditions.  Much of the hype surrounding the use of PRP is related to the stories of professional athletes returning from injury quickly after injections. Understandably so, many of these stories have been followed by clinical studies and are not actually supported by the higher level research. However, there is a widespread success of PRP injections for many conditions and for certain patients.

At Acumen Clinic we pride ourselves on educating patients on the effectiveness of PRP in orthopedic conditions.  Even though there are amazing stories of successful treatment with PRP, it is important to be informed about the facts surrounding PRP prior to trying this treatment for your bone, joint and muscle aches, pains and tears. 

PRP is a blood product created from the whole blood of a patient.  A centrifuge is used to spin the red blood cells out of a blood sample and concentrate the platelets.  In addition, the concentration of white blood cells is also altered during blood preparation. Platelets in the injected plasma are a source of cytokines, or signaling proteins, that can have positive effects in injured tissues.

Platelet-rich plasma has been used to treat injuries in many parts of the body.  Initially, there was hope that PRP would provide a treatment option for rotator cuff tears, shoulder pain, hamstrings tears and patellar tendinopathy as well as Achilles tendon tears.  There has been more hard evidence that PRP can benefit patients with knee pain and tennis elbow. There are specific factors that make a patient more likely to benefit from PRP, and many of these factors are only discovered on a careful assessment of a patient, by reviewing X-rays and other clinical tests.  Our focus at Acumen is on effective, evidence-based treatment of muscle, bone and joint problems. We are also committed to patient education and shared decision-making. We book hour-long consultations to ensure there’s time for questions and discussion regarding any options there may be.

With the constant evolution in the orthopedic industry, we are also constantly working to stay informed about the latest evidence for the use of PRP and other biologic treatments in the conditions we specialize in.  At Acumen Clinic you can expect to be informed about your options and to know your treatment journey. You can also be certain that we will be there to support you as we work together to achieve your treatment goals.