At Acumen, we have introduced a knee and hip OA program to provide this population with a rehabilitation option, in hopes to help get people back to activity and avoid or delay replacement.

This 6 week program will include:
● 1 hour session 2 times a week
● Expertise from a registered Kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist
● Education on OA, anatomy, pain management, exercise implements
● Movement screen
● A comprehensive program that gradually progresses and is tailored to ability/function
● Full body exercise program
● Treatment as needed (at a discounted cost)

Anticipated Outcomes:
● Improving range of motion and mobility
● Improving strength and function
● Decreasing pain
● Improving ability for ADL’s (activities of daily living)
● Return to sport

We provide you with an initial movement screen which will help us determine individual capabilities, so that we can tailor exercise to you. We will spend time educating you on osteoarthritis as well as ways to improve your pain and function. We will work closely with you during each session to ensure your technique is correct. More importantly, we will give you the knowledge and tools to continue to progress on your own.

$840 per person

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