Providing Rapid Access to Shoulder and Sports Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery

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There is a cost to waiting…

  • Prolonged pain
  • Lost work and uncertainty
  • Interruption of life and worry

The Solution

A surgical practice that provides personalized care when you need it with a patient care experience that exceeds your expectations and never feels rushed.

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz

How it Works

Acumen, led by Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, provides assessment, diagnosis and surgical and non-surgical care for shoulder and sports injuries.

What you should expect: When you decide to be assessed at Acumen Clinic you should expect to leave with a clearly described diagnosis, potential treatment options and the feeling that no stones have been left unturned. If you need surgery, you can book it within an appropriate timeframe. You will not have to pay for additional follow-up to review imaging we order.

If surgery is indicated, the Acumen Clinic team will find a time that fits with your life and ensure that you are prepared for the procedure. Dr. Slade Shantz performs all surgeries personally, and monitors your recovery closely.

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz

Our Process

  1. Expedited access & detailed consult

    You will have immediate access to an appointment. When you come in for your first appointment, you can expect to be seen on time, and the appointment will provide ample time for Q&A.

  2. Focused imaging & diagnostic tests

    We take extra precaution to ensure that you have the right imaging the first time around — saving both time and money.

  3. Laying out all the options

    Once we have all the information, we will provide you with and will explain all the options.

  4. Appropriately timed surgery

    Our goal is to respect your life and maximize recovery time. We want to get you back to your usual routine as soon as possible.

Services Offered

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz is a Royal College certified orthopedic surgeon. He also has sub specialty training in sports medicine and shoulder arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery.

Acumen Clinic offers treatment in the following areas:

Patient Testimonials

  • “I’ve been impressed with Dr. Shantz and his willingness to explain everything related to my shoulder surgery and the aftereffect. He's eager to answer my questions and make sure that I understand what exactly is going on. It's been a great experience being his patient!”
  • “Dr. Shantz was AMAZING from diagnosis, surgery and post-op. Dr. Shantz had even discovered 2 other problems with my shoulder that my local diagnostics clinic had either missed or overlooked! I was able to get in to see him very quickly, and Dr. Shantz was abloe to schedule my surgery even faster that I could think possible.”
  • “My first consultation with Dr. Shantz was the most positive experience I have ever had with a specialist. As described in other testimonials he is indeed a very caring and compassionate man.”


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