Minor Injury Clinic

Has a weekend trip to the mountains, a bike ride in the river valley, a sporting event, or perhaps even a bad fall left you injured? Injuries are never convenient and almost always unexpected. They are often associated with pain, loss of motion, and associated with high levels of stress and anxiety at the thought of a possible time loss injury. Knowing where to go and who to see can often be a complicated process. Extended wait times in a walk-in clinic, sitting long hours in an emergency department, or waiting days for an appointment with your family physician are not your only options.

Let Acumen provide you with an appointment, potentially only hours after an injury. This appointment includes a diagnosis, plan of care, splinting, taping and even options for private imaging and/or private consultation with our Orthopedic Surgeon if needed. Crutches, braces and slings are available for purchase and will be fit and sized by one of our athletic therapists.

Acumen’s Minor Injury Clinic is intended for non-emergency joint, muscle, ligamentous, and potential bone injury evaluation completed by one of our certified athletic therapists. 

In an effort to provide timely diagnosis of a new injury, we offer 30-minute consultations available 5 days a week, without the need of a referral, in our Edmonton and Calgary Acumen locations.

Athletic Therapy

What do we see at the Minor Injury Clinic?

  • Musculoskeletal conditions: sprains, strains, tendinopathies, non-emergent bone injuries and soft tissue injuries.
  • Injuries to the knee, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle, wrist, hand, and spine.
  • ACL, MCL, meniscus, Rotator Cuff, elbow UCL, hip and shoulder labrum, disc herniations, lateral ankle sprains and much much more….

Let Acumen provide you with expedited evaluation and care to help set you on your early path to recovery. Knowing when, where and how to care for an injury shouldn’t be a time staking task. Let us take you beyond rest, ice and compression.