Team Training

Team training plays an important role in a team’s success. Team training allows a group of like minded athletes to work together in a fun and competitive environment. A team works toward a common goal…total world domination. I’m kidding….improvement! It is not all about the ‘W’, it is about helping athletes improve their abilities in attempts to make it to that next level and become a well rounded and respected athlete and person.

If a team can work together, inspire each other, learn and grow and have fun off the court, field or ice, it is certain the same conformity will appear on the court, field or ice.

Sport-specific team training allows athletes to build the foundation needed to perform at a high level in their sport. Every athlete is looking to become elite in their position and move to the next level. This means improving speed, endurance, strength, power, flexibility, reducing injury risk and learning how to train safely with proper execution. As coaches, we can achieve this through proper movement screening, programming, and fitness testing. The proper use of testing data and retesting allows trainers, athletes and coaches to see improvements and tailor exercise for each individual.

One of the overlooked benefits of team training is the team building component. Teams of any sport spend the better part of a season or year together. Life long friendships are made through sport. The early morning practices, workouts and the weekends spent away travelling for games and tournaments. Dryland team training serves as a perfect time for new teams to get together and become a cohesive group. We strive to build an atmosphere to instill confidence within self and one another. Being able to work together all season and master the art of their position is a gift which will in turn yield great results on the ice, field and court.

On a personal note, some of my fondest memories were shared in the gym with my teammates. We had phenomenal strength coaches who made things fun and challenging. They also became great mentors. So…. go ahead, put your phone down, turn up the music and get your sweat on!