Before you spend your money in Private Health Care, Read This.

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What you need to know before Opting for Private Health Care in Canada

In Alberta, our Health System is public where it governs all health workers and patient plans from their family physicians to their specialists.

What if the service you got rendered did not meet your standards? Do you want a second opinion? What if you feel like you need more?  Were your questions not answered fully?  Did you feel rushed?  Not listened too?  Are you waiting for a referral that feels like it has gone nowhere??

We understand how you feel and want you to read 5 Very Important points before making the decision to opt for the Private System in Alberta.

Yes, there is one, Acumen Clinic.

1 – Referral Headaches

It is not uncommon that people get referrals from one physician to another. But then what? Did they get the referral? Was it reviewed? Should you be expecting a call? How does this system work?!

At Acumen Clinic, we want you to feel like you are being taken care of when booking an important appointment.  Anyone, whether it is you or a provider can call and make an appointment with one of our team members, no referral needed, even to see our surgeon!!! Simply call or email our awesome Patient Care Coordinator to get a call back within 24 hours.

2 – Wait Times

In Alberta, wait times to see a specialist, especially in Orthopedics can be 1 to 2 years.  Waiting for a diagnosis can be a painful process, especially when you are trying to get back to work or to a sport that you love.  Time taken away from work and family while chasing down your care can feel exhausting and overwhelming. Also, the continuous waiting game without a clear diagnosis and plan can be frustrating.

At Acumen Clinic, wait time for a consultation appointment with the surgeon is less than 3 weeks and, if needed, surgery’s wait time is less than 4 weeks.  Our team is personable to ensure you are seen in the appropriate time.

3 – Flexibility

Your first touch points with Acumen Clinic is Caitlyn, our Patient Care Coordinator.  She will take the time for you to voice your concerns, future desires and overall goals when choosing to follow through with Private Care.  Some injuries such as Rotator Cuff Tears, ACL ruptures, and Meniscal Tears can be debilitating. We want to make sure we are available to you and help get you back to work or activity in a timely fashion and accommodating manner

We offer options in locations and times for your availability.  We see patients in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver.  Surgeries can be performed in Calgary, Kelowna and/or Vancouver.  The choice is yours.

4 – Personally Curated / Engaged in Decision

When booking an appointment with our surgeon, you can experience the luxury of having a full hour with the Specialist and our Athletic Trainer. We want all of our patients to leave with a clear diagnosis, a complete treatment plan and options for your next step.  Our team is dedicated to respecting your lifestyle and will base their findings and treatment plan according to those needs.

One of our main goals is to educate you fully so you have an understanding of your personalized treatment plan.  We engage and guide you in your care and allow you to make the ultimate decision each step.  Continued care does not stop at just one appointment, we care about patient’s long-term success and follow-ups.

5 – After Care

Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, our Orthopedic Surgeon and LeeAnne Gullet, our Athletic Trainer are here to answer questions you may have on your treatment options and help with the liaison with providers as needed.  Follow up appointments are available to you at any time.

If surgery is required, a quote and process explaining is done.  We make our team available so you can reach them at any time! This is an important journey that we want you to have a positive experience throughout.  We understand that questions arise at any point and want you to feel comfortable in the choices you make.

Please visit our website and/or give us a call now to start your journey with the one and only Private Health Care in Alberta and BC!

We are excited to talk to you and more importantly get you back to your normal self.



Francesca Sebastian


Acumen Clinic

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