Athletic Therapist in the Acumen Model

Hey Everyone!


I’m LeeAnne Gullett, the Athletic Therapist at Acumen Clinic. My career in the Athletic Therapy and Sports Medicine World has been an amazing ride– nine years and counting!


A career in sports medicine is a journey and one that brings a diversity of people and experiences into my life. I work with athletes, sports physicians, surgeons, fellow AT’s, physiotherapist and coaches. I deal with spine boarding athletes, dislocated joints and season-ending acute injuries. I tape countless ankles, ride on long road trips, and get calls from concerned athletes and coaches at all hours of the night.  One summer I watched so much baseball I would hallucinate baseballs flying at me off-hours. I work with athletes after the trauma of an injury, reconditioning them back to their strongest self (which I would say if my true passion). It’s intense, busy, high pressure and relentless – and I wouldn’t change a thing.


I take each moment I can spend with a patient seriously. I understand their investment of time and respect that they trust me to help them succeed and reach their goals.


Athletic Therapy is often an underutilized profession, but it is incredibly important to the Sports Medicine world. Dr. Slade Shantz believes that active exercise and proper exercise progression for effective tissue remodelling is an integral part of any musculoskeletal.  I work directly under Dr. Slade Shantz to ensure patients have a plan to move forward. I work to close gaps with their physiotherapist or assist with programming as needed. At Acumen Clinic our team believes that by working together with patients, we can set patients up for long term success and better outcomes.


I care about the people that walk through these doors. I hope to play an important role in their journey and have a positive impact on their lives. I would love to be a part of yours!