Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) are unfortunately common and often leave people unable to perform basic activities or their favourite sports. While common approaches such as drugs, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments can be helpful, we focus on exercise as a means to fully return to the life of your choosing.

Our team of athletic therapists, kinesiologists and strength and conditioning specialists work together, often with your medical doctor or physical therapist, to evaluate your needs and form a plan of action! We also regularly test your physical abilities using cutting-edge techniques and track your progress to be sure optimal progress is made. Finally, many insurance companies cover athletic therapy and kinesiology services!

Through our program, you can expect:
- Personalized assessments to determine your needs and track progress
- Regular collaboration between you, your doctor/physical therapist, and our experts
- Attentive experts who will customize your training session based on how you feel each day

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