About Dr. Don Dick

Dr. Don Dick is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon in the Edmonton Zone. His focus in on hip and knee replacements through the Edmonton Musculoskeletal Centre and the Orthopaedic Surgery Centre – Royal Alexandra Hospital.

He divides his time between clinical medicine and healthcare administration. He has had numerous leadership positions in bone and joint health – locally, provincially and nationally. He is presently working part-time for Alberta Health Services in Appropriateness and Health Outcome Analysis.

The intent of my consultation at Acumen Clinic is to ensure the patient has an opportunity to directly ask questions and voice any concerns regarding out-of-province total joint arthroplasty.

There are many private care options for total joint arthroplasty in Canada and internationally. Acumen Health offers an in-person medical opinion regarding the appropriateness for out-of-province total joint arthroplasty given his/her personal circumstances. This service is not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan and Acumen Health will charge him/her a fee. Lastly, any referral to the Alberta public health system will only be made in the case that an emergent or urgent medical need exists.

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